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ANDROID VS IOS. Which one is better??? THE FIRE GOES ON…

One of the most heated debates of the present time are about the android and iOS. Both of them are great mobile platforms but every now and then a new feature introduced in either one of them makes it the better choice. Its hard to decide which one is better[…]

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Images for Short Choppy Hairstyles

Add some chunky and choppy layers to add wonderful touch. Whether you have a pixie, bob, or a-line haircut, adding some grit or defining layers into your hair look will really change the shape and make short Choppy Hairstyles more interesting and graceful. Angled Elegance Take cinnamon and flavor up[…]

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How to apply Simple henna designs on Hands

How to apply Simple henna designs on Hands Henna or mehndi is the natural way through which women apply tattoos on their hands, arms and feet to adore themselves. Henna was originated from the people of South East Asian side. Women on that side used to apply mehndi on different[…]

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The Best Medium Haircuts: Hair Ideas

In this article you will find some elegant shoulder length haircuts that will go best to attain multiple looks. This hair cut seems awesome for any type of hair whether sleek and straight, curly and thick whatever! All the styles mentioned in this article will be seen with minimal layers[…]

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Medium Hairstyles – Popular Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Auburn Aura You can have a great opportunity to highlight your shiny and smooth hair by having medium length  haircuts. The texture bangs and angled layered on the front make this hair cut very elegant and you may look awesome in such medium length haircuts. How to Style: As it is recommended always, use any good[…]

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Latest Images for Henna designs

Henna or mehndi as we commonly know it is a very famous tradition set by people to apply it on their hands on every event. Many women often wear mehndi whenever the color of the previous mehndi seems to be fading away. Some women wear mehndi on Eid or wedding[…]

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