2014 Jewelry
2014 Jewelry

The jewelry is very important for every woman. She uses all sorts of jewelry at any celebration, any event or at the party as well.

Natural Colored Diamonds

Precious stones are for life however this year its outset for emeralds. Pantone has actually declared emerald eco-friendly the color of the year. So it is anticipated to discover a great deal of spring environment-friendly everywhere. The gemstone has seen fair a lot of the significant events and is steadily coming to be a must-have household piece for Americans. As a matter of fact, this ancient jewel is a new luxury and style statement.

Layering Necklaces

Layering Chokers are one of the 2014 fashion trend’s tricks to change up your look. Layer a number of beaded gem pendants along with gold or silver geometric collars and collars for a fresh style. This would be a wonderful way to catch all the pairs of eyes around you.

Raw Stones Jewelry

The raw gemstone jewelry looks actually terrific and astonishing. Uncut and untreated gemstone jewelry are becoming a method to express your organic style.




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