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A Complete Guide on Shoe Trends

Shoes are not only a necessity, but when worn wisely, become an accessory. Shoe trends change as frequently as do the clothes. Shoes not only provide protection and comfort but can also act as a great compliment for your outfit. There are a few famous women like Imelda Marcos who are obsessed with shoe mania. She had an extensive collection of more than a thousand pair of shoes.

Curved heel Shoes

One of the latest shoe trends is perfected by Walter Steiger. The curved heels have become a signature item in his latest collection. They are the trendiest twist in shoe industry and also the talk of the town. Highly appreciated by the critics, they are going to be a must have item in the fashion wardrobe.

Mules Shoes

Once thought to be shoes for older ladies, the mules are in again. The chic styles available in heeled and flat mules are a renewed shoe trend. They are comfortable yet elegant. They come with all possible embellishments and a perfect solution for the people who don’t like to wear open shoes in hot weather and those who don’t like to wear close shoes in winter.

Cuffed Shoes

Cuffed shoes have been in for quite some years now. This shoe trend is still going on this season. They are a great way to compliment short dresses. They also stand out with tight jeans. Allowing maximum exposure to your feet u can still enjoy the gripping cuff. The denim and leather cuffs are a hot trend in this variety. The grip of the cuffs makes it easier to walk even in high heels, which is otherwise risky and needs practice. According to critics the t-strap shoes that somewhat resemble cuffed shoes are the next big thing in the coming season.

Metallic shoes

Single or double toned metallic shoes are the easiest way to stand out at any occasion according to famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo. They add the glitz and glamour to your over all look. They are an ideal accessory for evening parties and late night meetings. They make you look brighter. They can be the fresh, distinctive look you are looking for.

Flats Shoes

Flat pumps are one of the shoe trends that are never out of fashion. No matter what age group, they are the ultimate answer to what to wear. Available in all sorts of materials and perfect for any time, they are essential for your wardrobe. Whether at work place or market, going out for a walk or just hanging around in the neighborhood, they make the ultimate choice for any one.

Slings Shoes

Sling shoes like the cuffed ones are the ones with extra support that can take you through your day. Going side by side with the formal high heel pumps usually worn in the offices, they are quite in demand by the working women. The slings provide you with the extra comfort that you need while on the go.

Sneakers Shoes

Sneakers are not only for tom boys or athletes anymore. The variations and new styles being introduced have got them in the must have list for any girl. No chic look is complete without them. Worn with the right outfit, they are the hot new shoe trend. You will definitely find a pair or two in every designer’s collection. They are not confined to canvas any more. The m aterials are just as many as you can think of.


Whether flat or not, sandals are never out of fashion; you never get tired of them. No matter how many of them you already have, there is always room for one more. The variety of shapes and designs make them the most available accessory to complete your look.

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