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Abaya Fashion

Abaya Fashion 7Abayas are the traditional wearing for Muslim women, it is vital wearing of Arabic females already it is acquiring appeal in various other components of the world specifically in South Asian nations, typically Abayas are worn for the purpose to cover the physique yet face, hands and feet show up. Yet some females additionally put on veiling on the face and gloves handy to conceal their complete physical body.

Now, Abayas is not merely a cultural putting on to cover the one however it additionally becomes a component of fashion trend. A sizable assortment of Abayas is readily available available. You can utilize simple Abayas for casual wear, elaborate Abayas for formal wear and celebration damage. Trend of Abayas wearing is boosting in Muslim females, different designers provide their collection. Arabic Abayas are the most popular in whole world.

Designs of Abayas

Fancy Abayas: Fancy Abaya trend is increasing in Muslim females everyday. It is mostly used in Dubai, Sharjah, Pakistan and India. It is made use of for official wearing and party putting on.

Embroidered Abayas: It is the most preferred in Pakistan that is usually made use of in day-to-day life and also professional wearing. This design has an elegant embroidery layouts that make Abaya a lot more fashionable.


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