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After 17 years Diana,s bridal gown returns

Home at last: Diana’s iconic bridal gown returns to Harry and Wills after worldwide tour – 17 years to the day since their mother’s tragic death

Diana’s gown has been in the possession of her brother, Earl Spencer

Her belongings were to be ‘looked after’ by him until her sons turned 30

He placed her wedding dress at the centre of a lucrative worldwide tour

The stunning heirloom is now finally returning home to William and Harry

There are calls for it to now be put on display at Kensington Palace

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With thousands of pearls, silken layers and a 25ft train, it is arguably the most famous wedding dress in the world.

But for much of the past decade, Diana, Princess of Wales’s stunning gown has been lost to the nation – instead travelling the globe on a lucrative tour.

Today, exactly 17 years after her death, it can be revealed that the heirloom is finally returning home to her sons, William and Harry.

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