Before starting hijab check what face shape you have, if you have round face then just cover your face with scarf in such a way that it starts from your hairline till jawline. This way of carrying Hijab will enhance the features of your face without making it look more round and it will add more beauty to your face along with elegancy and simplicity.

different hijab styles for round faces

The main thing about hijab

Most of the time women and girls find it difficult to wear Hijab in a proper way. Hijab is an important part of Islamic clothing, but, the first thing that comes into mind of every woman before starting hijab is how to wear and carry hijab? So the best answer to this question is to choose a hijab style that is according to your face shape. A hijab style in which you feel comfortable and which also gives you a mod look within Islamic limits is the best hijab style for you.

How to carry hijab?

According to the hijab trends in Pakistan it is found among the Muslim ladies that they are not much conscious regarding the selection of scarf used for hijab, as scarf is the only thing which gives beauty to your hijab. After the selection of scarf the way you wrap the hijab around your face clearly depicts your face look. Moreover weather also plays important role in giving a perfect and neat look to your hijab.

Hijab style for round faces

different hijab styles for round faces

Women who have round faces should not worry there are many hijab styles for round faces. Such women should not wear under caps before putting hijab scarf because they shorten the face looks. Most of the hijab styles for round face start from the beginning of hairline. There are other hijab styles for round face that frame the scarf over the cheekbone area of face and give you long face look, but avoid them and instead apply hijab styles for long faces to get proper look. The best hijab style for round face is one that stays a bit looser on the sides. For that you should try to show a bit more of your forehead. The common mistake made in hijab style for round faces is that women hide their cheeks.

What to avoid while making hijab styles for round face?

The women with round faces should avoid the Egyptian or Spanish hijab styles because they expose the neck, especially in case when you have a double chin, that make you look more fat. Short necked people especially stay away from such hijab styles for round face as they only look good in people with slender neck and slightly long face.

The best way to carry hijab styles for round face

Hijab styles for round faces must show your eyebrows fully, and along with that it wraps around your face in a way that it shows your jawline also. To do such type of hijab, you need to wrap your hijab the way you normally do, but leave more space for your forehead, and jaw. Women with chubby round faces sometimes try to cover their cheeks and jaw line with the scarf to look smart but this way of hijab brings opposite effect on their face.

Elegant And Catchy Hijab Styles For Round Faces

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