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Feel True Essence Of Mehndi With Arabic Mehndi Designs!

Feel True Essence Of Mehndi With Arabic Mehndi Designs!

Feel True Essence Of Mehndi With Arabic Mehndi Designs!
Feel True Essence Of Mehndi With Arabic Mehndi Designs!

Women feel incomplete without applying mehndi on her hands and feet. It has turned out as a “must do” ritual on religious and wedding occasions.  Among thousands of different lovely mehndi patterns Arabic mehndi designs has emerged as the most popular one these days. Just a few years back they were widely applied in Arabic countries but due to the traditional and magical look it gives to the hands show the main reason of its uniqueness. Arabic mehndi designs enhance the beauty of feet, hand and arms.

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Feel True Essence Of Mehndi With Arabic Mehndi Designs!
Feel True Essence Of Mehndi With Arabic Mehndi Designs!

In markets you will come across many stores selling different kinds of mehndi making you believe that each one of them is best. But don’t fall in the trap. Always buy the green powered mehndi which is original. The brown powered mehndi is just a chemical which can prove harmful and can cause allergy on hands.  Now let’s go through some of the amazingly breathtakingly Arabic mehndi designs.

1.   Leaves and vines:

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You don’t have to rush to expensive parlors for mehndi. This is one of the pros of Arabic mehndi designs that they can be easily made at home too. You just require a little practice and are good to apply on your hand. E.g. you can have leaves and vines drawn on your palm or at the back of your palm along with stunning flowers.

2.   Flowerey circle:

This is one the most beautiful and widely applied design these days. You can draw the circle at the back of your palm and decorate the outside and inside with different patterns of blocks, small leaves, dots or even small lines. The tip of fingers can be covered with mehndi fully. Believe us, this style of mehndi looks attractive and has no parallel to it.

Feel True Essence Of Mehndi With Arabic Mehndi Designs! 111

3.   Random Designs:

If you don’t want to apply mehndi on all fingers then you can go with this design. Here you have to start making the petal from the tip of your first finger and make it go long way till the end of your palm. It will be bit tilted design but never the less it is not at all time consuming. Now you can coat the finger nails with mehndi to give a more prominent look to your back f hands too.

4.   Mirror imaged mehndi:

Applying mehndi is an art and even fashion experts have realized its true value. They are always in quest to introduce new mehndi patterns so that each of their patterns standout from the rest of deisgns. One such design is mirror image. You just have to apply half vines or flowers at one palm and at the end of hand and make rest of flower at the other hand. By joining hands it will display a full flower image. This looks really exciting and gives exotic feeling.

Arabic mehndi designs are not entirely for hand. You can apply same designs on hands and arms too. The real beauty of this mehndi is that it with little variations you can come up with dozens of pretty patterns. So apply it on coming occasions and feel the essence of it.

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