How to apply Simple henna designs on Hands

How to apply Simple henna designs on Hands
How to apply Simple henna designs on Hands

Henna or mehndi is the natural way through which women apply tattoos on their hands, arms and feet to adore themselves. Henna was originated from the people of South East Asian side. Women on that side used to apply mehndi on different occasions like marriages or any happy event. This has become a part of celebrating the fun and happy part of the event. Henna has been incorporated in our tradition and culture. In past times, the designs applied on hands and feet were very simple comprising of a round circle in the middle of hand and dipped finger tips, same goes with feet. With the evolution in everything, the designs and patterns of mehndi designs have also been changed and evaluated. There are different types of mehndi designs available nowadays amongst which the top ones are Pakistani mehndi designs, Indian mehndi designs and Arabic mehndi designs. Henna is the painless way of putting tattoo on your body.

The application of beautiful mehndi design entirely depends upon the creativity and grip in the hands of applier. If the applier has creative mind that can produce fascinating designs along with grip to produce these designs on hand, then it may result in amazing outcomes. Although there a lot of designs available on the internet as well as in the form of small booklets, but they may seem a bit difficult or bizarre. It is more advisable to create your own design that suits your hand. In Pakistani designs, sun flower is the most common and popular style. It can be applied in the middle of hand with polka dots or flowers around it or it may also be incorporated in the other mehndi designs. It all depends on how you picture a design in your mind and how well you produce it on the hand.

Arabic design consists more of patterns with flow. The shape of leaf also known as ‘ambi’ is the most common pattern. The Arabic design flows from one flower or leaf to another making a pattern interconnected with each other. It’s one of the most famous and preferred henna style among women.Indian designs are very heavy and deep. It covers whole hand with beautiful patterns of flowers, sun and leafs. There are different styles of flowers that can be produced and linked with ‘bales’ and oval or rectangular patters.

Applying mehndi on hands has now become one of the important parts of weddings. The bride is considered to be incomplete without mehndi on her hands. Not only she, all the young and old aged women also love to apply mehndi to give themselves a traditional look on weddings. Apart from weddings, Eid, dholki’s and other Indian events are incomplete without girls having mehndi on their hands.

Some people prefer to have simple and elegant design that may be a sun of elegant ‘bale’ while others may love to have their hands full of design. That completely depends upon the choice of the person. Moreover, the mehndi applier should be wise enough to make appropriate design that amazingly fits according to the size

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