How to Get Smokey blue eyes With Makeup

How to Get Smokey blue eyes With Makeup
How to Get Smokey blue eyes With Makeup

Having smoky eyes gives you an elegant look. Your eyes can look perfect with smoky eyes and if you have the right knowledge of applying eye shadow then you can look perfect. Applying eye shadow is the easiest technique of makeup but applying it the right way is the only way you can get the best look. There are few techniques you need to follow in order to find out the real and the best way of applying any shade of smoky eyes. For blue smoky eyes you need to be very vigilant while you’re wearing the eye shadow and applying the quantity on your eyes. There is nothing different then black smoky eyes other than the color change. All you have to do is find the right color you want to apply on your eyes and then find the right range of shade of let it look smoky.How to Get Smokey blue eyes With Makeup 01

In order to get the perfect smoky eyes one need to get the perfect make up first. You have to make sure that all your makeup is set perfectly and that you don’t have to smudge all the eye shadow on your eyes alone. You can make your eyes look different and unique and all with the help of mere few steps. Starting with the right color collection is all you need for your eyes. Any color can be used to make your eyes look elegant and to make smokiness on your eyes. For the blue smoky eyes you have to choose blue color in order to give it a smoky look with blue shade. First of all take a cream and apply it on your eyes. It has to be a moisturizer to give it dryness. Afterwards take a blue eye pencil and apply it on your eyes. Smudge the blue pencil with the help of an eye brush or with the help of your own finger. Later apply eye shadow of blue color and smudge it properly. Don’t let the powder stay alive on your eyes and shine.How to Get Smokey blue eyes With Makeup 02

The eye makeup needs time and affection to look perfect. You don’t have to make it look too heavy to look elegant. An eye makeup can look perfect without heaviness. Having the perfect style of applying eye makeup is all you would need. You can have the best colors and all of the best products to make your eyes glitter. In the finishing all you have to do is use a brush or your finger and make the eye shadow look perfect without falling anywhere else. This is the best way of making your eye shadow look smoky and you can have the ease of looking elegant. The easiest way of looking pretty and having the best eye makeup is to follow what your heart tells you and apply the shade that you like. Dressing up according to your favorite is the best way of liking something. You can’t simply hate yourself for the right color you use or the eye makeup you apply. Blue can be the best smoky eye combination to choose.

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