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Latest Abaya Designs in Saudi Arabia 2014

Abaya make the most important part of the Saudi ladies attire. It is obligatory for the women to cover themselves from head to toe completely and decently, as per the Saudi laws. Saudi abaya designs have gone through evolution like everything else over the period of time.

Simple and Classic Abaya Designs

Simple and Classic Abaya DesignsSaudi abaya design is one of the simplest forms of abaya. Most of the Saudi women still prefer to wear the old fashioned all black abaya with no embellishments at all. For them it is the only design that conforms to the teachings and laws of Islam. However, there is a wide range of abaya designs in Saudi Arabia donned with colors and accessories while fulfilling the basic requirements of covering the whole body.

Velvet flocking Abaya Designs

Velvet flocking Abaya DesignsIt is the latest trend in abaya design in Saudi Arabia. With the advent of colder winter season than ever before, there is a growing need of abayas with warm fabric. Velvet makes the best choice, as it is warm and cozy. Velvet abayas with little or even no embellishment look prestigious.

Draped Abayas

Draped AbayasAnother new look in abaya design in Saudi Arabia is the draping front and back. The simpler forms have only draped sleeves which look very stylish and modern. The edges of the sleeves are adorned with embroidery or beads.

Hooded Abayas

A popular trend among girls and young ladies is hooded abayas. They are quite practical and comfortable for cold weather. The hood at the back, usually with a bold under lay gives a modern twist to the old, typical abayas. They are mostly available in jersey material.

Lace Is In Abaya

For the ladies who prefer to carry something delicate and classy, abaya with lace, is an excellent choice. One of the abaya design in Saudi Arabia is pleated lace top. It looks formal and elegant and is perfect for working ladies, for whom colorful and embellished abayas are not an option. Similarly, a lace panel on one side or in the middle on the front of abaya also changes the whole feel of the garment. The wide lace as a separate tier on the edge also looks gorgeous. Lace tops with a contrasting color underneath makes a nice twist in this abaya design in Saudi Arabia. They are inspired from the abaya designs in Dubai and satisfy the taste of women for a little color in their abaya.

Wedding Abayas

Like the abaya designs in Malaysia, the wedding abayas designs in Saudi Arabia are also heavily embellished. To mark the happy occasion of wedding, the abayas carry all kinds of embellishments like beads, pearls, embroidery and sequins etc. They often have colored stripes on the front to break the monotony of the routine black abaya. A sequin or crystal brooch that centers the pleats on the front or on the back looks simple yet elegant. Belted sequins in the front also make it look special without overdoing.

Swarovski Touch

An upscale twist in the abaya designs in Saudi Arabia is the use of Swarovski crystals on abayas. The sophisticated look of crystal donned abayas makes them stand out at any place. Crystal embellished abayas are a treat for eyes especially at night.

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