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Latest Abaya Trends

Latest Abaya Trends

Latest Abaya Trends
Latest Abaya Trends

Abaya is a piece of clothing, mainly used by Muslim women all over the world to cover their body except for hands, face and feet. It covers the body from neck to feet and comes with additional scarves to cover the head as well. Some women also use a veil to cover their entire face or leaving just the eyes bare. This form of attire originally emerged in the Gulf nations but was eventually adopted by Muslim women all around the globe. The Abaya is strictly Muslim attire because it the essence of Islam. The main colour in the Gulf is usually black but many other colours are also used for versatility.

With the passage of time, many new Abaya styles have been created to suit the need of women and to stay in line with the modernization without demolishing the main purpose of Abaya. Even the designers have launched their own line of different Abaya styles to elegantly attire the Muslim women. The change in traditional Abaya styles should not be surprising at all. As to cope up with the changing world it is also necessary to update our attire. Besides, Muslim women like every other woman, travel and needs to keep up their appearance in different countries. Abaya is not only used in Muslim countries but also by the Muslim women living in Europe and America. Their style and trends to wear Hijab differs a great deal from women in Muslim countries. Keeping this in mind, the designers brought a twist in the traditional Abaya styles by experimenting with new range of fabrics, colours, decorative ornamentations and innovative designs. This is now one of the most potentially expanding markets for the Gulf nations. Every year, like changes in ordinary fashion, Abaya styles are also altered to provide a wide range to Muslim women. However, the choice and colour of Abaya may defer depending on the culture.

The famous Abaya styles these days include the stone work, embroidery of different designs on the front and back, metal work, sequin work and motifs. To make the simple Abaya look gracefully beautiful designers have also included ribbon and piping work. Abaya doesn’t have to be simple black anymore or made of one single type of material. Exceptionally fine chiffon, crepe, cotton and georgette are used. The famous style among women is Abaya in the shape of a kaftan as shown in the picture below. It fits perfectly and gives a very chic look. Other famous Abaya styles include butterfly and fish silhouettes with embroidery on the back and at the front.

Kaftan Abaya Style

All these elegant Abaya styles lure women to make expensive purchases. Arabian women mostly prefer custom-made Abaya and spend a great deal of money on them. Different Abaya styles are also gradually emerging in Pakistan but they are not as common yet as in Gulf nations. Pakistan is also among those countries that manufacture quality Abaya and export it to different countries.

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