Nail Shapes For Ultimate Nail Fashion

Nail Shapes For Ultimate Nail Fashion

If you keep your nails presentable then everyone is going to notice and praise them. Nails tell everyone that you are a person who pays attention to tiny little things to make yourself better than the other lot.

Nails hygiene

Nail Shapes For Ultimate Nail Fashion

Everyone needs to keep their nails clean and tidy all the time. If your nails are not hygienic then you are at a risk of a lot of health diseases. Even if you don’t have the time and money to visit a saloon regularly, you should perform a simple manicure at home to make sure that all corners of your nails are clean. Make it your routine and do not leave your nails unattended.

Nail shapes

Nail Shapes For Ultimate Nail Fashion

If you are one of those ladies who cut their nails whatever way they like, probably no one will ever notice your nails. On the other hand, if you maintain a proper shape of your nails, onlookers will notice this detail and admire your lovely hands. Even normal looking hands can be transformed into appealing ones if you give them shape properly.

Why shape your nails?

Nail Shapes For Ultimate Nail Fashion

It is not that you will not be able to lead a happy life if you don’t give a proper shape to your nails, but it is just that shaping your nails is important to look classy and fashionable. You need not book an appointment with the saloon to maintain a proper shape for your nails. Once you have got them in a neat shape, then you can even trim them lightly at home.

Round shaped nails

Nail Shapes For Ultimate Nail Fashion

Round shape nails are a hassle-free thing. You can easily master this shape at home and in case of any trouble you can change the length of nails as well.

Square shaped nails

Nail Shapes For Ultimate Nail Fashion

Square nails give you a more professional and classy look. This nail shape is mostly adorned by young girls who like chic style.

Oval shaped nails

Nail Shapes For Ultimate Nail Fashion

It is basically an alteration of the square nails with a style shape around the corners of the nails. The good thing about this nail shape is that if you mess up any other shape, you can always end up with oval nails.

Stiletto shaped nails

If you are a fashionista who likes to follow the latest fashion trends then stiletto nails are something you should definitely get. Getting this nail shape at home needs considerable skill, or you can always go to nearest beauty parlor to get them done. Like stiletto heels, they are pointy on the top.

Almond shaped nails

Nail Shapes For Ultimate Nail Fashion

Almond shaped nails are basically more like stiletto, the only noticeable difference is that they are not pointy on the top, but go a little smoother on the top.

How to choose nail shape?


It is more a matter of personal preference that what nail shape you choose. Keep in mind the shape and length of your fingers when deciding on the nail shape. Also pick the nail shape that you can maintain with your routine easily.

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