New Mehndi DesignsMehndi, or henna, has a long and old history. It’s been around for many years. New mehndi designs was acquainted with India in the twelfth century, by the Mughals. From the start, it was just utilized by the rich and controlling families. In the end, it was enjoyed and utilized by every living soul. As additional individuals began mehndi, the designs to be refined.The history of henna is rich and expansive and has been rehearsed in over 60 nations as far and wide as possible for 5000 years. Henna powder hails from a plant called lawsonia inermis. It develops in the tropical atmospheres of Africa and Asia. The leaves are dried and squashed into a powder. By blending the powder with Tea tree oil, lemon juice you get a glue which is put onto the skin. The point when connected to the skin, it stains the top layers. It doesn’t enter the blood stream.

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