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Shab-i-Zifaf in Pakistani marriages

Shab-i-Zifaf additionally called Suhag Raat brilliant night/lady night of wedded life alludes to the couples’ first night together and it happens after the spouse has gone out.

Upon the arrival of the wedding, the couples’ room is brightened with blossoms. It is standard for roses or flower petals to be laid over the couples’ quaint little inn for laurels or series of roses to be utilized as couch shades. The groom’s female relatives lead the lady to the room and she is left for quite a while to anticipate the groom’s entry. As of right now it is normal for the lucky man to stay with his relatives for some time. The husband to be may be offered a glass of milk amid this time. After the relatives have left, the lucky man enters the room where the spouse is holding up. Generally the spouse’s dupatta (cloak or head blanket) is hung over with the goal that it blankets her face. This is known as “Ghoongat” گهُونٚگٹ. It is standard for the spouse to forget about the lady’s ghoongat to uncover her face as one of the first things on that night. It is additionally standard in a few families for the spouse to present his recently marry wife with a little token of fondness. This is by and large a bit of gems, for example, a ring or a family legacy of comparative degree.

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