Shilpa Shetty 1Shilpa is the perfect girl. She has wonderful body with beautiful skin tone. She makes her body curvy and sexy with simply by exercises and with diet. Shilpa shetty’s fitness mantra is that she believe in yoga very much, that is why she does yoga regularly. And with the help of lots of yoga, she makes her body fit and make her slim and sexy. In starting yoga, she does not believe on it. But as the time goes she started to believe yoga’s benefit. She says that yoga makes the body perfectly and in well shape, and yoga touches the body, mind and soul politely.

Shilpa Shetty’s age is 34. But if you look at her eyes and her body, you cannot believe about her age. She is looking as pretty as a cute girl Shilpa loves to eat Chinese and Japanese food. She wants to eat both foods daily, but she eats very less amount of Chinese food for fitness. She takes a lot of salad without any cream and mayonnaise. Also, she takes fresh juice twice a day.

Shilpa released DVD about yoga. The name of this DVD is Shilpha’s Yoga. She releases this DVD for the help for her love ones. She says that she want to be make every women healthy and curvy like her Shilpa shetty’s fitness mantra.

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