Simple Face painting ideas for kids

Face painting is the act of enjoyment and children take this activity as a lot of fun. There are a lot of events that are associated with face painting and this is usually done on children. Children get their face painted with stars, moon, cartoon characters and other characters that look cute on them. This makes children look adorable and they feel beautiful with the face painting. There are a lot of face painting ideas for kids that children love to get their face.

  1. Hello kitty
  2. Simple Face painting ideas for kids

Hello kitty is the best face painting idea for kids. Children of all ages love to get hello kitty painted on their face. This gives girls and even young boys a very cute look.


  1. Dog face
  2. Simple Face painting ideas for kids

Young boys always want to look different from girls and getting a cute dog painting on their face differentiates them from girls. This can be a great face painting idea as well.

3Tiger face

Simple Face painting ideas for kids

The tiger face painting is very common in children of all ages. Boys and girls both get their face painted as a tiger and there is nothing they are afraid of.

Getting face painting is a fun activity for children and kids of all ages scatter around the painter to get their face painted. It is an amazing fun activity and there are so many amazing ideas that you can get your face painted as. You can get a star on the side of your cheek or get your complete face painted, it all depends on you.


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