Summer beauty Tips
Summer beauty Tips
Nature has created everyone beautiful. Its our way of living that makes some look more adorable than others. Apart from daily diet, Daily ski care is the key to get a vibrant fresh look. Here are certain tips that will help you look more beautiful and adorable during summer.
1. When you go to buy makeup products, you must be aware what you are going to buy. You should know which makeup suits your skin. For that you can have a little skin test from a dermatologists.
2. Always use minimal makeup during summer time because sweating can ruin all your money and effort. You need to look fresh during summer and so should be your makeup.
3. You must have a blotting paper to remove oil from your skin during summers as oily skin gives a teene look.
4. In order to avoid liner or mascara ruin your face, use waterproof long-lasting liner and mascara.
5. Your hair color may get fade during summer time. To avoid that go for deep conditioning once or twice in a moth. If you have greasy hair do not use conditioner in roots .Apply conditioner on the edges.
6. Fragrance is the must part of your summer makeup. Perfumes having fresh and mild fragrance should be used. Before applying perfume use of deodorant stick is a better idea to smell good for longer period.
7. Sunglasses are not just the fashion statement, they also help to protect you from sun-rays and avoid wrinkles around the eyes.
8. Most important of all is use of sunscreen lotion. There are many products in market who claim
to provide full day protection. Do not get fooled by them. Use your sunscreen lotion after every 2 to 3 hours.
9. Ex polite your skin twice a week to get rid of dead ski. Also wash your face daily before going to bed
These tips will help your skin glow and will make you look beautiful during this summer

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