Take Care Of Your Precious Curly Hair


Take Care Of Your Precious Curly Hair

Curly hair is a blessing and sometimes a difficult task to manage. Ladies having curly hair have a very peculiar look that distinguishes them from others. The art of wearing curly hair is hard to master. The beauty of curly hair is in showing off the luxurious curls and be comfortable in it. There are several tips and tricks to cope up the curly hair but always do it with convenience and simplicity. There are hair products and kitchen items available that helps in handling the curls. All you need to know is how to use or apply them in right way to get a manageable gorgeous look.

Starting off with some nice and trendy hairstyles for curly hair, here are some hairstyle suggestions:

Pine Appling

Take Care Of Your Precious Curly Hair

Wearing your thick luxurious curls in a ponytail that is right on top of your crown of the head, leaving all the curls untied. This look is simple and nice. The hairstyle gives the impression of the leaves of pineapple that falls down from the top of pineapple head.

High bun

Take Care Of Your Precious Curly Hair

Wrapping the gorgeous curls ion high bun and pin them up is a very traditional and popular hairstyle for curly hair.  Not only it looks lavishing but also makes you feel comfortable and at ease.


Take Care Of Your Precious Curly Hair

Fishtail is trending nowadays. Whether straight hair or thick curls, fishtail is the latest hairstyle to wear. There are tutorials available for fishtails as every fishtail is slightly different from one another. De orating fishtail with pins, glitters and flowers for formal look is the best way to wear your curly hair in a classic manner.

Blended bangs

Take Care Of Your Precious Curly Hair

The most embracing hairstyle for curly hair is to wear in gorgeous bangs. Bangs blend well with curly type of hairs. Gorgeous, smart, casual and beautiful are the words for this hairstyle.

Tips for managing the unmanageable curls

Type of curls

Take Care Of Your Precious Curly Hair

First of all determine your type of curls. There are wavy swavy, wavy curvy, wavy whirly, curly twirly, curly coily, coily springy, coily spirally, coily zigly and many more. Determining the type will help you in sorting out the appropriate kind of hair products that will give 100% satisfactory results. Moreover, every type will have different type of haircuts and hairstyle that best suits that kind of curl.

No shampoo

Shampoo take off the natural oil from hair and curly hair are usually dry so it’s better not to use shampoo instead use apple vinegar cider. It’s a natural hair product, will not take off the natural shine and never leave your hair dry. It’s better than shampoo. After applying this, wash your hair and then apply conditioner.

Here are some quick tips as well:

  • Use satin pillow case that will keep your curls soft and voluminous.
  • Use wide tooth detangling comb or hair brush.
  • Avoid using chemical based products instead using natural products for your hair.
  • Use hair milks and conditioners regularly.
  • Use double prong clips to hold your curls for longer time and gives a voluptuous volume to your hair.


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