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Take Care of Your Pretty Hands

Take Care of Your Pretty Hands

Take Care of Your Pretty Hands

If you are planning on to get some really cool dress and heels for the upcoming party that will make you look enticingly pretty then let me tell you that having a good dress and a pretty pair of shoe is not enough to make you look attractive. Suppose that you are wearing a very elegant dress and you have amazing heels under your feet but your hands are rough and extremely dry then the entire cool look that dress and heel are giving to you will be marred.

Take Care of Your Pretty Hands

So, among the first rules to be pretty is to have neatly soft hands. You need to manicure your hands at least once in a month with daily moisturizer massage on your hands. If you are thinking that it is impossible to get your hands manicured once in a week by getting to salon and paying a lot for this task then eliminate this misconception from your mind that manicure can only be done in salon.

Take Care of Your Pretty Hands

You can get your hands manicured for free without any hassle at your own home. You need to have nail cutter, buffer, nail file, cuticle cream, cuticle trimmer, nail polish remover and some moisturizing cream for your hands. Set all these things at one place and follow the following steps:

  • Remove nail polish from your hands with nail polish remover on cotton bud.
  • After this trim your nails and get them filed according to the shape you want.
  • Buff your nails
  • Soak your hands in warm water with shampoo added in it to remove all the dirt from your nails.
  • Apply cuticle cream and make your cuticles neat.
  • Apply a moisturizer on your hands.

Your hands are ready to show their shine to the world.

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